Our Team

Lauren is the owner of Fit4Mom Renton and and absolutely loves everything FIT4MOM. She had been certified and instructing Stroller Strides classes since January 2012 and Body Back since July 2013. She also holds certifications in Fit4Baby and personal training through ACE. She is happily married to her husband Justin, and they have two boys, Aiden (3/22/08) and Isaac (3/9/10). They are also expecting baby number 3 this fall! Lauren loves the village that comes with owning FIT4MOM. You get your workout in, your kids have fun, and you have built in friendships!


Shelly has been attending Stroller Strides since January 2013. She has been a certified instructor in Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby since February 2014 and Body Back since February 2015. She is happily married to Bryan and has two sons: Tyson (9/2/12) and Peyton (4/7/15). :)

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